Briquette and pellets

We sell large quantities of beech briquettes as well as beech and coniferous pellets.

Products of the highest quality, made only of pure materials without any admixtures of chipboards, adhesives or other types of glues.

Both the briquette and pellets have a high calorific value and low ash content.
The briquettes are ideal for use in fireplaces, stoves or solid fuel boilers. The low ash content means that the furnace does not require intensive cleaning.

The pellets and briquettes we sell are characterized by very high energy efficiency. When burning pellets and briquettes, a negligible amount of ash is created, and moreover, it is a very ecological fuel. We sell coniferous pellets and beech pellets.

We sell briquettes in 10 kg bags. 1 pallet is 1 ton.

We sell pellets in 15 kg bags. 1 pallet is 1 ton.

Possibility to sell pellets in big bags.

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